In troubling times as a small, independent Record Shop, we really are dependent on your actions right now in supporting us and other small traders. We'd prefer to welcome you into our little shop in Emsworth as you enjoy the other local shops and the beautiful Harbour and it's walks. As this isn't possible right now we're sure some of you might be wondering what vinyl treasures we have ferreted away within the walls of Harbour Records....

From a standing start therefore, we have had to create a catalogue of our awesome selection of pre-loved stock. These are now on Discogs for those of you hunting rare/collectible vinyl!

Just click the Discogs link above and see what we have in stock at the present time. If what you want isn't on there it's always worth dropping us a line as we may have it anyway!

You can also check out our stock of recent and indie releases.

 Please feel free to call or contact us here.

Thank you,
Ken, Rob and Dickie
Harbour Records

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